Hi there! Welcome to FuelStar. We're psyched you stopped by.

FuelStar is a passion project built by a small group of folks at Cambridge Mobile Telematics, a company headquartered in Cambridge, MA on a mission to make roads and drivers safer.

We’ve been watching gas prices climb, and climb, and we wanted to do something to help people take back control of their fuel spending.

When we looked at the data on FuelEconomy.gov we were surprised at just how much the way you drive (speed, braking and acceleration) impacts how much you spend on gas. Just reducing your speed by 10mph can reduce fuel consumption by up to 14%. (At $5 gallon, that's like saving $.70 / gallon of gas, which is way more than you can save by hunting for cheap gas prices.)

We realized that even though most cars tell you your MPG, no one shows you exactly how much money you could be saving by driving more efficiently. And no one is showing you exactly how to change your driving to save big on gas.

We built FuelStar to help people everywhere take control of gas spending by coaching them to drive more efficiently. And to show people the actual money they’re saving by driving like a… FuelStar.

We take privacy very seriously and we do not sell your data. To learn more, check out our Privacy Summary and Privacy Policy.

We're so excited to put FuelStar in your hands. And to hear your feedback and ideas to make it even more useful.

Want to start saving on gas?

FuelStar is a free app that learns how you drive and teaches you how to save on gas — by driving more efficiently.

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