Tired of spending so much on gas? Get FuelStar.

FuelStar is a free app that assesses your driving and shows you how to save big on gas by driving more efficiently.

FuelStar savings

Gas prices are crazy high. Research shows that you can save up to 40% a month on gas — just by changing the way you drive.

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FuelStar - Save big on gas by learning to drive more efficiently | Product Hunt
FuelStar Trip Details

View stats and savings on every trip.

See how efficiently you drive on every trip you take. Learn how much gas you use and your miles per gallon. FuelStar shows you the behaviors costing you money.


“FuelStar helps me every week to keep tabs on my gas usage. Feels like I’ve Saved a ton!”

- Ken Smith

FuelStar Improve

Your driving. Deconstructed.

FuelStar uses the sensors in your smartphone to learn how efficiently you drive. It shows you what you’re doing well. And how you can save more.


“I didn’t know that aggressive driving burns gas faster and increases my fuel spend until I started  using FuelStar - Great app!”

- Carolina Sanchez

Audio alerts

Increase savings with real-time feedback.

Real-time driving feedback has been proven to help improve driving efficiency. FuelStar’s real-time alerts help you discover the behaviors costing you money.

your savings

Drive like a FuelStar. Watch your savings grow.

FuelStar crunches your driving data and shows you how much you’re saving by
driving like a FuelStar.