Is FuelStar available for iOS and Android?


FuelStar is now available for both iOS and Android. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play

Is FuelStar free?


Yes, FuelStar is 100% free with no ads and no in-app purchases.

FuelStar is a passion project built by a small group of folks at Cambridge Mobile Telematics, a company headquartered in Cambridge, MA on a mission to make roads and drivers safer. Because we primarily sell our products to big companies, we can offer FuelStar to the public for free.

Where is FuelStar available?


FuelStar is currently available in the United States.

What if I have multiple vehicles?


At this time, FuelStar only allows you to select your primary vehicle. You can mark a trip when it's not your primary vehicle by navigating to the trip details. We're working to include the ability to add multiple vehicles so check back soon.

Does FuelStar work for all cars?


FuelStar assumes you are driving a gasoline-powered vehicle and will ask you to select your primary vehicle during onboarding. FuelStar will not calculate correct savings for hybrid or electric vehicles.

How does FuelStar work if I own multiple cars?


During onboarding, FuelStar will ask you for the make, model and year of your primary vehicle. FuelStar uses information about this vehicle (together with your actual driving style) to compute your savings. FuelStar does not currently support adding a secondary vehicle and assumes that all trips taken are in your primary vehicle. FuelStar allows you to exclude your non-primary vehicle trips on the trip detail screen.

Why did you build FuelStar?


We connected a few dots that led us to build FuelStar:

First: Gas prices are crazy high and it’s causing everybody pain. And people are driving all over town to save $.10 a gallon.

Second: We learned from that the way you drive has a HUGE impact on how much you spend on gas. Just reducing your speed by 10mph can reduce fuel consumption by up to 14%. (At $5 gallon, that like saving $.70 / gallon of gas, which is way more than you can save by hunting for cheap gas prices).

Third: Even though most cars tell you your actual MPG, no one is connecting the dots between how the way you drive impacts exactly how much you spend on gas based on current prices.

And finally: no product is coaching people to drive more efficiently and then showing them how much they’re saving by doing so.

We built FuelStar to help people everywhere take control of gas spending by coaching them to drive more efficiently. And to show people the actual money they’re saving by driving like a… FuelStar.

So, about Privacy. What are you doing with this data?


We take privacy very, very seriously. We DO NOT sell or share your personal information with 3rd parties. Period. Check out the FuelStar Privacy Summary for more detail.

How does FuelStar work?


FuelStar uses the sensors in your smartphone to automatically assess how efficiently you drive. It shows you what you’re doing well. And exactly how you can improve to save more.

How do you compute gas savings?


To compute your savings or overpayment, we use your car's EPA combined MPG (Miles Per Gallon) and compare that to your actual MPG on each trip. To compute your actual MPG for each trip, we use a model that considers factors about your car, how hilly your route is, and your driving style (speed, acceleration and braking).

We then take the actual MPG for each trip and compare it to your EPA combined MPG. If your actual MPG was better, we show you how much you saved based on recent gas prices for your region. If your actual MPG was worse, we show you how much you overpaid.

We then tally your savings and overpayment on each trip into a running total since you began using FuelStar.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you drive 20 miles from your home to work. Your car’s EPA combined MPG is 20. Because you keep your speed and acceleration reasonable, your actual MPG for this trip, as estimated by FuelStar, is 30 MPG. And the current average price of gas in your area is $4.50. 

Based on your EPA MPG (20), we’d expect you to use 1 gallon of gas. Based on your actual MPG (30), you only used .67 gallons of gas. For a savings of .33 gallons. Which means, by driving efficiently, you saved $1.50 (.33 gallons * $4.50 gas price).

If on the same trip you drove inefficiently and your actual MPG was 15mpg, you would have used 1.33 gallons instead of an expected 1 gallon. This extra .33 gallons of gas costs you an extra $1.50.

Like a bank statement, the app totals up how much you saved or overpaid each trip. The more efficiently you drive, the more you’ll see your savings rise. Go get ‘em FuelStar!

Does FuelStar get me lower gas prices?


No. FuelStar will show you how to use gas more efficiently so you can spend less on gas overall and squeeze more driving out of every gallon. But the app does not get you lower gas prices at the pump.

How do real time alerts work?


FuelStar features optional realtime audio alerts that will notify you when you’re driving in a way that reduces fuel efficiency - for example speeding, accelerating hard or braking quickly. These kinds of alerts have been shown to help people reduce these behaviors and they may help you too. Please only use this feature if you can use it safely.

How do I delete my account?


If you'd like to delete your FuelStar account, please send a request to Please include the phone number you created your account with.

We'll do our very best to delete your account within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Want to start saving on gas?

FuelStar is a free app that learns how you drive and teaches you how to save on gas — by driving more efficiently.

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